Machu Picchu Adventure Trip

May 27th - June 3rd

$2200 | 8 Days | Peru | All Inclusive

Culture - Hiking - Sightseeing

An 8 day all inclusive adventure trip in the Peruvian Highlands. Experience local Quechua culture, visit historic Inca sites, camp with the locals, and cap it all off with a full day at Machu Picchu.

Trip Details

Join us on a fully immersive adventure through the Peruvian Highlands and Inca culture. This 8 day journey will include personalized tours of the city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and the iconic Machu Picchu. Our focus this year is Inca history and cultural experience. We will visit ancient Inca sites, temples and fortresses. We will shop in local markets, eat amazing food. We will spend time in local farms and stay in highland villages. This is an opportunity for a truly unique and intimate look at the Andean way of life that should not be missed.


What's Included

This is the No Stress way to see and experience all that the Peruvian high country has to offer.
Here is a list of what is included in the cost of your trip:

- Lodging -

- Airport Shuttles -

- Transportation -

- Tours -

- Local English Speaking Guides -

- Most Meals* -


May 27th - June 3rd, 2020

Cusco, Peru

$2200 per person

Only 14 spaces available.

Terms and Conditions

*see itinerary below for meal details


Email if you have any questions.





Detailed itinerary of your 10 day adventure:



  1. PASSPORT – keep your passport with you at all times.  You will need it to get into museums and Inca sites all over Peru.  You should not leave it in your hotel ever. Your passport must be valid through December of 2019

  2. Hiking shoes or comfortable walking shoes – We recommend something with a high ankle and good traction, and definitely waterproof if you’re hiking.  For the city, just comfortable shoes you won’t mind wearing for a few hours.  Either way, make sure your shoes are very well broken in. 

  3. Rain jacket/poncho – the weather in Peru is very unpredictable and it can rain without much notice.  It’s a good idea to always have rain gear readily available, even in the “dry” season. 

  4. Warm jacket – It does get a little cold at night in the mountains, so you may want to get one of those packable, down puffer jackets so you can easily pack it in your day pack. 

  5. Winter Hat/gloves – Again, the nights can be chilly.  It’s better to be prepared.

  6. T-shirts – We do recommend that you only wear long sleeved shirts because the sun is very strong.   Or if you want to wear short sleeved shirts,  pack a light jacket or fleece. You will want to pack layers because the weather changes so rapidly throughout the day.  Another tip we’ve picked up in our travels is to pack shirts you plan to throw away or donate at the end of the hike/trip.  Less laundry to do at home and more room for souvenirs!

  7. Pants – We recommend long pants at all times and specifically trekking pants for hikes.

  8. Underwear/socks – may want to bring more socks than you think you need just in case they should happen to get wet.

  9. Sun Hat/sun screen/sunglasses – the sun is VERY strong in Peru.

  10. Insect repellent with at least 45% DEET – and anti-itch cream for when you get bit anyway

11. Toilet paper or Disposable wipes– toilet paper may or may not be available in public restrooms.

12. General Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap. 

13. Hand Sanitizer – probably should pack a few small bottles.

14. Mini first aid kit with band aids, moleskin, etc…just in case

15. Flash light or head lamp.  Bring extra batteries too.  At high altitude, batteries lose their charge faster, so you might need extra.

16.  Water Bottle or Camel Back – preferably 1 Liter in size.  Boiled water and water sold in stores is perfectly safe to drink. Please drink water often to avoid dehydration and altitude sickness.

17. Camera/batteries/smart phone 

18.  Cash – There are no ATMs on the trail. It’s customary to tip the drivers, porters, horsemen, cooks, and of course our guides.  You can tip in US Dollars or Soles.



  • What will the weather be like in Peru?

    • Peru has mild weather all year round – temperatures reach 70-75F during the day and 35-40F at night.   

  • Do I need to buy travel insurance?

  • How far in advance do I need to make my reservation?

    • ​It's best if we can get reservations in by January 1, 2020. Permits are required for the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu and the sooner we have your information the better.​

  • What are the Passport/Visa/Vaccination requirements?

    • For US Citizens:

      • A valid passport is required and it cannot have an expiration date within 6 months of travel. Must be valid through 12/2020

      • A visa is not required unless you plan to stay longer than 90 days.

      • Vaccinations are not required for travel unless you are planning to visit the Amazon.  If visiting the Amazon, consult your doctor, but generally Yellow Fever and Malaria vaccinations are recommended.

  • What is the appropriate fitness level to complete one of the hikes?

    • To complete a hike, we recommend that you be able to comfortably walk at least 6 miles per day – preferably including some hills.  You do not have to be “in the best shape of your life,” but walking in the mountains at high altitude is challenging so you should be able to walk up several flights of stairs without getting out of breath before you go.  As always – please consult your doctor if you have any doubts.

      • For those with disabilities or those who may need assistance getting around, please keep in mind that Peru generally does not have wheelchair ramps and most Inca sites require the use of stairs.  It can be significantly challenging to get around if you cannot walk – but it’s not impossible.

  • Are there any age limits?

    • This trip is for High School students 14+ with parental consent and Adults 18+

  • I have special dietary requirements – will there be anything for me to eat?

    • Of course!  Peruvian cuisine is ranked #2 in the world after France so our chefs take pride in their ability to create dishes for any dietary preference.  When you book a trek with us, we ask if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.  As long as you let us know, we can accommodate.

  • Is it safe to drink the water?

    • In the city, we recommend that you buy bottled water only and do not drink from the taps.  It is safe to use the taps to wash your hands and brush your teeth, but we don’t recommend filling your water bottle up with water from the sink.

    • On the hikes, we will provide fresh, boiled, and filtered water at every meal stop to fill your bottles or camelbacks for the next leg of the trail.  It is not allowed to get water from the rivers or streams on the trek, so please take advantage of the fresh water at every meal.

  • Where will my luggage be while I am out on a hike?

    •  We provide duffel bags for your clothes, etc. that you would like to take on the trail.  Our team will carry these duffel bags for you while you hike.  All remaining items can be left in your own luggage at the hotel in Cusco.  All hotels provide a secure storage space for customer belongings while they are out in the mountains.

  • Do people speak English in Peru?

    • Yes!  Tourism is a huge industry for Peruvians so you will not have any trouble finding someone who can speak English – especially in restaurants and hotels.  We provide English-speaking guides for every tour and trek, so you will never have to worry about how to communicate.

  • How much cash should I carry with me?

    • One of the perks of booking with us is that you pay for your whole trip before you go so you don’t have to worry about carrying large sums of cash with you to a foreign country.  That being said, you will be on your own for a few meals and for tips and souvenirs, so plan accordingly for those few items.  ATMs in Peru can be a little unreliable so just be sure to stash a little extra somewhere in case of emergency.

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